Thanks to Mariah T for hooking me up with the dope 14-day Fitness Challenge. The accountability, the effort, the push was all worth it. She's definitely worth it. If you're looking to get fit, build a bond with a great person that's doing great things, and even just want to be active, definitely  TAP IN with her. You won't regret it. 14-day Challenge Complete.

Harkera Hardy

My fitness journey always lasts about 1-2 weeks and then somewhere down the line I end up feeling too tired or I'm too busy or I don't have enough motivation. I did 2 weeks of personal training with Mariah always reminded me that eventually if I kept going it wouldn't be as hard and I was making good progress in the beginning but what I did feel was happier as Mariah pushed me to my limits & and I was able to achieve them. Mariah is the type of trainer that pushes you, makes sure you're okay, and then pushes you some more. Her approach is like no other. She disciplines, she listens, she makes sure you get the job done as she reminds you that she's just a guide, but the true work is done by you. Now I enjoy working out more, I feel great & I know I decided to make a change in the right direction by choosing Mariah.

Rosemary Feliz

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Payton Hillman

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I completed Coach Mariah's 14-day fitness challenge and lost about 12-14 lbs. I must add it was incredible! Just the workout alone was fun and challenging! Coach Mariah also had different levels for everyone to hit their fitness goal! Her positive energy and motivation to help everyone through the challenge was amazing. She is very attentive, energized, happy and just an overall great coach! If you want to hit your fitness goals and feel great looking for a change, contact Coach Mariah!